Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mix #34: A Call In Hope Of A Response

Originally made as a "crush mix", never (yet) to be sent. But it's a good one so i'm sharing it here. Download it here.
1. Gandalf- Can You Travel in the Dark Alone
2. Hopkins & Bradley- Nothing Hides Better Than Darkness
3. Visitations & Big Blood- Lectric 'Lashes
4. Turid- Låt mig se dig
5. Quixotic- On My Own
6. The Birthday Party- Say a Spell
7. The Clean- Point that Thing Somewhere Else
8. Delphine- Le Fermeture Eclair
9. Omar Khorshid- Guitar El Chark
10. Erkin Koray- Inat
11. Selda Bağcan- Ince Ince
12. Flower Travellin' Band- Satori, Pt. 2
13. Michael Yonkers Band- Boy In The Sandbox
14. Monks- Complication
15. The Music Machine- Talk Talk
16. The Fall- Rowche Rumble
17. Rejects - Vision Smashed
18. Blue Orchids- Flood
19. Human Switchboard- I Can Walk Alone

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mix #33- Survival Songs

I made this little mix for myself during a particularly dark time, as a way of encouraging myself to get out of bed. I hope others might similarly find it of use. Kinda cheesy at times, esp. the Thin Lizzy track, but I must admit that dual-guitar harmony really does the trick for me when I'm feeling like shit.
Download here.
1. Arthur Russell- Time Away
2. The Clean- Anything Could Happen
3. Beyond The Implode- Atmosphere
4. The Neon Boys- Don't Die
5. Big In Japan- Nothing Special
6. The Pagans- Boy Can I Dance Good
7. Rocket From The Tombs- Frustration
8. Dogs- Wake Up Fucker
9. Complications- Blinded
10. The Wipers- Over The Edge
11. Range Rats- The Two Of Us
12. Thin Lizzy- Cowboy Song