Saturday, November 29, 2014

Mixaday>>>RADIO>>> Do the Void!

On the off chance anyone stumbles across this old blog, just wanted to let you know that my mix-making energy has transitioned to the radio! Internet radio, that is, on Archives are listenable (except the first couple) over here. And you can follow/like the facebook page for it here.

In any case, the show is called DO THE VOID (after a song by NZ noise-rockers the Terminals) and I'm having a lot of fun with it, playing
deep dark psych, dub, doom, post-punk, etc. etc. music. Hope you listen and enjoy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mix #34: A Call In Hope Of A Response

Originally made as a "crush mix", never (yet) to be sent. But it's a good one so i'm sharing it here. Download it here.
1. Gandalf- Can You Travel in the Dark Alone
2. Hopkins & Bradley- Nothing Hides Better Than Darkness
3. Visitations & Big Blood- Lectric 'Lashes
4. Turid- Låt mig se dig
5. Quixotic- On My Own
6. The Birthday Party- Say a Spell
7. The Clean- Point that Thing Somewhere Else
8. Delphine- Le Fermeture Eclair
9. Omar Khorshid- Guitar El Chark
10. Erkin Koray- Inat
11. Selda Bağcan- Ince Ince
12. Flower Travellin' Band- Satori, Pt. 2
13. Michael Yonkers Band- Boy In The Sandbox
14. Monks- Complication
15. The Music Machine- Talk Talk
16. The Fall- Rowche Rumble
17. Rejects - Vision Smashed
18. Blue Orchids- Flood
19. Human Switchboard- I Can Walk Alone

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mix #33- Survival Songs

I made this little mix for myself during a particularly dark time, as a way of encouraging myself to get out of bed. I hope others might similarly find it of use. Kinda cheesy at times, esp. the Thin Lizzy track, but I must admit that dual-guitar harmony really does the trick for me when I'm feeling like shit.
Download here.
1. Arthur Russell- Time Away
2. The Clean- Anything Could Happen
3. Beyond The Implode- Atmosphere
4. The Neon Boys- Don't Die
5. Big In Japan- Nothing Special
6. The Pagans- Boy Can I Dance Good
7. Rocket From The Tombs- Frustration
8. Dogs- Wake Up Fucker
9. Complications- Blinded
10. The Wipers- Over The Edge
11. Range Rats- The Two Of Us
12. Thin Lizzy- Cowboy Song

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bonus Mix- the Best of US

A special Xmas bonus for all of you Mix-a-day believers. Not an official Mix-a-day mix but i just uploaded a mix of recent US underground stuff as part of an exchange with Howie of the AMAZING Scottish ensemble Tattie Toes and i figured i might as well share it here. Entirely made up of music by friends and friends of friends. Luckily my friends make pretty great music. Some overlap with previous mixes and certainly some w/ mixes to come. No track list here- like i said, unofficial! Big thanks to Greg Harvester for the County Z & Red Herring tracks.
Download it here.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

THE Return of Mix-A-Day! Mix #32- Closing Night

SGNLS playing my closing reception/going-away party

While a hand injury is preventing me from making too much art right now, I decided to temporarily(?) revive this project after the encouragement of a few friends. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I abandoned this project to the desolate wastes of the internet. I can guarantee postings will be sporadic and unpredictable from here on out, so if you care to keep up on 'em, i suggest you "follow" me with the "Join this Site" button on the left. Or check back often.
This mix is based on the music i played between bands at my going-away party (for those who don't know, I moved from Philly to Providence this summer), which also doubled as the closing reception for the installation Staring at the Cracks. I asked a few friends to play- Sgnls, Color Is Luxury, & Geb the Great Cackler- and had a big spread of food & beverage and an epic print sale.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember I had a camera on me until the end of the night! Yes, it was held in a disused office complex which added an extra element of surreality to the evening.
Anyway, I included songs from each of the acts that played that night, along with edited versions of the smooth segues I played between them. A lot of psychedelia, as that seemed like the common thread that bound them all, plus there was a kickass sound-system set up for the install that really showed off kooky stereo effects nicely.
Get it here.

1. Larkin Grimm- Going Out
2. Geb the Great Cackler- Bes the musical Dwarf God
3. Brute Heart- Eclipse
4. Mother Of Fire- Deaths Apprentice
5. Emmanuelle Parrenin- Topaze
6. New Age Steppers- Private Army Dub
7. Color Is Luxury- "June Preview"
8. Kevin Ayers- The Confessions Of Doctor Dream - A. Irreversible Neural Damage
9. Dickens- Genocide
10. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Le Petite Fille Aux Fraises
11. Inga Rumpf & I.D Company- Bum-Bum
12. Parson Sound- 10 Minuter
13. Amon Düül II- Henriette Krötenschwanz
14. SGNLS- Through the Looking Glass/Hold

Monday, February 1, 2010


I will be creating a mix of music & other auditory ephemera every day for the month of January 2010. They'll be posted here in downloadable form. This project is a part of Art Clash's annual Fun-A-Day project.
If you listen, please leave a comment & let me know what you think. If you are one of the musicians/groups featured within these mixes and wish not to be included, please drop a line and I'll edit you out.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mix #31- Last Chance

Well, here we are at the last day of January, and the last official mix of Mix-A-Day. This project has been met w/ a surprising and gratifying amount of enthusiasm. It feels like everywhere I go people want to talk with me about it. I appreciate all the positive feedback and it really makes me want to keep the whole thing going in some way, shape or form. I'm not really sure what that should be- obviously, making a mix every day is a lot of work if you're going to put some intention into it, and I'm fairly burnt out at this point. But I would like to keep sharing the music I love with people....
So I thought I'd throw the question out to you out there, my largely anonymous & silent internet audience. Should I keep things going as Mix-a-Week? Mix-a-month? get a radio show? figure out what the hell a podcast is? or just go back to hanging out w/ bands and making friends mixes?
Anyways, here's the last official mix of Mix-a-Day, and I dug out some old favorites for it. I hope you enjoy it, and if you've appreciated the project, please leave a comment!
Download here.
1. Those Lovely Hula Hands- Menevät Miehet
2. The Holy Modal Rounders- The I.W.W. Song
3. Henry Flynt- Violin Strobe
4. Ju Suk Reet Meate- untitled
5. Kazuki Tomokawa- unknown
6. Katherina Ex with Iva Bittova- unknown
7. Kampec Dolores- Levitacio(levitation)
8. Už Jsme Doma- Mu Je Ha
9. Pere Ubu- Go
10. The Girls- Jeffrey I Hear You
11. Steve Lake - Dancin (version)
12. Colin Potter- Power
13. The Homosexuals- My Night Out
14. Scritti Politti- Is and Ought the Western World
15. The Slits- Man Next Door
16. Dr. Alimantado- I Shall Fear No Evil
17. Prince Jazzbo- Crime Don't Pay
18. Vivien Goldman - Private Army Dub
19. The Mekons- Another Set Of Teeth
20. The Clash- Lose This Skin