Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mix #31- Last Chance

Well, here we are at the last day of January, and the last official mix of Mix-A-Day. This project has been met w/ a surprising and gratifying amount of enthusiasm. It feels like everywhere I go people want to talk with me about it. I appreciate all the positive feedback and it really makes me want to keep the whole thing going in some way, shape or form. I'm not really sure what that should be- obviously, making a mix every day is a lot of work if you're going to put some intention into it, and I'm fairly burnt out at this point. But I would like to keep sharing the music I love with people....
So I thought I'd throw the question out to you out there, my largely anonymous & silent internet audience. Should I keep things going as Mix-a-Week? Mix-a-month? get a radio show? figure out what the hell a podcast is? or just go back to hanging out w/ bands and making friends mixes?
Anyways, here's the last official mix of Mix-a-Day, and I dug out some old favorites for it. I hope you enjoy it, and if you've appreciated the project, please leave a comment!
Download here.
1. Those Lovely Hula Hands- Menevät Miehet
2. The Holy Modal Rounders- The I.W.W. Song
3. Henry Flynt- Violin Strobe
4. Ju Suk Reet Meate- untitled
5. Kazuki Tomokawa- unknown
6. Katherina Ex with Iva Bittova- unknown
7. Kampec Dolores- Levitacio(levitation)
8. Už Jsme Doma- Mu Je Ha
9. Pere Ubu- Go
10. The Girls- Jeffrey I Hear You
11. Steve Lake - Dancin (version)
12. Colin Potter- Power
13. The Homosexuals- My Night Out
14. Scritti Politti- Is and Ought the Western World
15. The Slits- Man Next Door
16. Dr. Alimantado- I Shall Fear No Evil
17. Prince Jazzbo- Crime Don't Pay
18. Vivien Goldman - Private Army Dub
19. The Mekons- Another Set Of Teeth
20. The Clash- Lose This Skin


  1. Nice pairing with 9+10—David Thomas having released the "Jeffrey I Hear You" single on his own record label. And that Slits/Dr. Alimentado bit was overdue.

  2. I hope you keep something going that is accessible to the silent (and not so silent) masses. Exactly what you do should be the option that feels most right to you.

    You included some of my faves in this mix: The Girls, Vivien Goldman, and Tymon Dogg (yes, Lose This Skin appeared on Sandinista, but it is Tymon Dogg, backed by the Clash; you probably know this).

    Thanks for a month of great music!

  3. thanks guys! Margie, rumor has it you used to actually play with the Girls?

  4. Erik, yes it's true. You can actually view a video on YouTube:

  5. Well you are giving me some wonderful times over here in Sweden, so I think you should keep going in any way possible, if only to make my life a little bit more worth it.

  6. I think you should keep going at whatever frequency fits your timing and inspiration -- mix a week or mix a month. And maybe figure out some way that we can be alerted when there is a new mix. Thanks so much!