Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mix #30- Science Fiction

This is a belated response to a request for a "sci-fi" mix some anonymous person requested a while back. I was excited to make this mix, as I love science fiction, and in fact had a hard time whittling it down to a CD-length mix. I even avoided some more obvious classics- I mean, a sci-fi mix with no Chrome, Hawkwind or "Flying Saucer Attack" by the Rezillos? I also realized that most of the science-fiction oriented songs I have & enjoy focus a lot more on kitsch and cheezy synth sounds, while in literature I tend to favor more serious dystopian/utopian speculative fiction.
Download here.
1. Utah Smith- Take A Trip
2. Sun Ra- Outer Spaceways Incorporated
3. Ornette Coleman- Science Fiction
4. Bernard Sjazner- Bene Gesserit
5. Rita Lee- Superficie Do Planeta
6. Inner City Sound- Watching the Grass Grow
7. Lesser Known Neutrinos- Warm December Day
8. Take It- Man Made World
9. Len Liggins - Sandwiches
10. Spizz Energi- Where's Captain Kirk?
11. Sparks- In the Future
12. Suburban Lawns- Jam the Controls
13. Clikitat Ikatowi- Science Fiction Reality
14. A-Frames- Nobot
15. Meltdown- Alien Autopsy
16. Metalux- Radioactivating Foam
17. The Scissor Girls- Atomic Boys / Love-Sick
18. Androids Of Mu- Lost In Space
19. Conceputol- The Space Invaders
20. Radio Free Europe- Alien Day
21. Plastics- Robot
22. Metal Urbain- Futurama
23. Simply Saucer- Here Come the Cyborgs (Part 1)
24. Red Krayola- Transparent Radiation

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