Friday, January 22, 2010

Mix #22- Courtin'

Perhaps the most common "purpose" of the mix in our society is for courting's sake. I know I've made any number of mixes for the sake of wooing potential romances* (or celebrating existing/beginning ones), but they've all been full of all kinds of filler songs intent on distracting/buffering/diluting the numbers containing the more pointed message I'm really trying to get across. Here on Mix-a-Day I can finally make a mix that really lays it on thick & share it with a bunch of strangers....
Download here. I believe this link actually works now!
1. Irma Thomas- It's Raining
2. Smog- Let's Move to the Country
3. Diane Cluck- I Liked You As Soon As I Saw You
4. Richard & Linda Thompson- Night Comes In
5. Micah Blue Smaldone- Pale Light
6. Sheila Jack- I've Got To Have You
7. Stranger Cole & Patsy Todd- When You Call My Name
8. Charles Iwegbue & His Archibogs- Hold Me Tight Baby
9. Gal Costa - Lost in the Paradise
10. Michele Arnaud- Les Papillons Noirs
11. Kim Jung Mi- unknown title
12. Tyrannosaurus Rex- like a white star tangled and far, tulip that's what you are
13. Maher Shalal Hash Baz- Soldier Of Love
14. Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin- Orang Outan

* to be fair, i've also used mixes to court new friends & artistic collaborators, often even using some of the same songs!


  1. eric, those friends & colleagues are totally romances, too! thanks for stoking the fires! hearts//gina

  2. This mix is not downloading for me, and it looks like a good one!

  3. Oh Gina, this comment says so much about yr worldview & mode of being!
    Sarah, i tried to re-upload but it's not working. maybe try again tomorrow? this happened once before but resolved itself after a while...
    oh- and Morgan clarified- yes, we have met- we stayed at yr apartment on puppet-tour. nice to re-encounter you on the internet...