Monday, January 18, 2010

Mix #18- Tomorrow Is Today

This mix is for MLK day. Of course, like all human beings, Martin Luther King Jr. was deeply imperfect, and our views often depart, but reading the text of his speech on Vietnam,* I was struck by both his boldness and his compassion. This compassion, so deeply felt and so radical in its implications, is something I've always carried away from MLK's words and actions, and something I feel like we would all do well to take note of.
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1. Sam Cooke- A Change Is Gonna Come
2. Stevie Wonder- Heaven Help Us All
3. We The People- People, Open Your Eyes and See
4. The 24-Carat Black- Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth
5. Eugene McDaniels- Supermarket Blues
6. Bill Moss- Sock It to 'em Soul Brother
7. Otis Redding- A Change Is Gonna Come
8. Albert Ayler- Change Has Come
9. Max Roach- Freedom Day
10. Sweet Honey In The Rock- Greed
11. Dock Reed, Henry Reed & Vera Ward- What is the Soul of Man
12. Aretha Franklin- A Change Is Gonna Come

*Thanks to Matt Spurlock for bringing these words back to my attention.

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  1. They played the "If I Had Sneezed" speech on WPEB today back to back with Malcolm's "Stop Singin' and Start Swinging" sermon.