Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mix #14- Malcontents

Tonight's mix (I'm actually typing this at 2 in the morning after getting back from the Yummy Fur reunion show) starts off with Malcontents, a rare 1980 track from the Austin band Reversible Cords I love this song because it reminds me of one of my favorite things about Austin (where i lived in '99 and 2000)- it's role as a magnet and safe haven for all kinds of misfits and freaks from the rest of the state- you'd have whole households full of punks from Denton, queers from Lubbock, art nerds from San Antonio, etc. etc.
It's a similar urge that drew me to underground DIY culture in the first place and keeps me from fitting in anywhere else.
This mix also features what I believe is a Mix-A-Day exclusive! A rare '81 track(never before digitized?!) from Boston post-punks Vitamin given to me personally by their violinist Margie Politzer, who currently is a graphic-designer/photographer/neighbor here in West Philly. Thanks Margie!
Download here.
1. Reversible Cords- Malcontents
2. Larkin Grimm- Link In Your Chain
3. Bascom Lamar Lunsford- I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground
4. Shrimp Boat- Rocks Are Oil
5. Vitamin- Black Sheep
6. Witchknot- Baba Yaga
7. Vulgar Remedies- Vivir Amar Reir Luchar
8. Dog Faced Hermans- Love Is The Heart Of Everything
9. BruteHeart- Nevermind
10. White Magic- Winds
11. John Cale- You Know More Than I Know
12. James Carter & The Mighty Stars- You Don't Know
13. His Name Is Alive- Last One


  1. Erik,

    Thanks for including the Vitamin track (track #5), but it isn't on the list above!


  2. You left Vitamin (I always thought it was "Vitamen"—saw Byron Coley spell it that way) out of your track list here. How are Chuck's Homework comps? I have the Reversible Cords LP rip and this song plays at a slower speed with a considerable amount of surface noise.

  3. thanks folks for pointing out my omission. sorry! this is what happens when you post utterly exhausted at 2 in the morning...
    it is now fixed!
    i have a couple of the Homework comps- they're pretty good but not quite as exciting as Messthetics...

  4. Morgan, at some point after I left Vitamin (in fall 1981), the band's name was misspelled as Vitamen in a gig listing by a club. The band decided they liked it; that it went with the more muscular sound they were adopting. This was the time of the beginning of hardcore in Boston.

    Eric, thanks for correcting the track list.


  5. Looks like we're all on Pacific time (or we're getting up mighty earlier to chew fat on Mix-A-Day).