Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mix #9- A Gentle Nudge Towards the Apocalypse

Maybe more aptly titled "A Gentle Nudge Toward the Existential Apocalypse". This is the first mix made entirely from under the covers in my bed because I refused to venture into the cold vastness of my room.
Worth noting- The Noble Lake song has no title because it is from a record that has yet to be released, a haunting & subtly apocalyptic collection currently entitled "Parting Bead". Noble Lake is the vehicle for Baltimore's James Sarsgaard, one of my oldest friends. Their previous disk Heyday, also rules, and is available here
This Nixe song, one of less than a dozen this all-female Dutch band ever made, has haunted me ever since I ever heard it on the worthwhile early Dutch punk compilation "I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It."

1. Karen Dalton- Something On Your Mind
2. Fairport Convention- Meet On The Ledge
3. Company- Parallel Time
4. Noble Lake- ?
5. Angels of Light- Not Here / Not Now
6. Bill Fay- Time Of The Last Persecution
7. Josephine Foster & The Supposed- Deathknell
8. Paris 1942- Hex
9. Saccharine Trust- A Human Certainty
10. Tyvek- Mary Ellen Claims
11. Nixe- Searching

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