Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mix #3: Spirits

Honestly, I'm not really sure if I believe in ghosts.
Download here.
1. Third Ear Band- Stone Circles
2. Simon Finn- Courtyard
3. Spires That In The Sunset Rise- Spike Fiddle Song
4. Big Blood- A Goddamn Spell
5. Haba Haba Group- Kijom Kijom
6. Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem- La Harpe Jaune
7. The Raincoats- Only Loved At Night
8. Iva Bittová, Vladimír Václavek- Kdoule
9. Vialka- Grenade
10. Kisanzi Congo- Soif Conjugale
11. Black Dragons- Emalon Ni Hokowo
12. Chrissy Zebby Tembo- My Ancestors
13. Exuma- Dambala
14. Chriss Sutherland- Hey Justice
15. Washington White- I Am in the Heavenly Way
PS- i've been having trouble saving files & getting them to play in the right order. can anyone tell me if this is working?


  1. They're tagged properly, so if one searches by album or makes a playlist file in iTunes, they'll play in the intended order. If you want them to display in order as soon as you open the downloaded folder, which is useful for people who don't use iTunes, you could also rename the individual files (e.g. "14 - Chriss Sutherland - Hey Justice.mp3").

  2. I loaded this one directly into a folder and everything's album title came up "Spirits," though not in the listed track order. I've been moving them all around by, mouse.

    PS: Vialka is one of the best live bands I've ever seen. And definitely the most diligent when it comes to touring. In a Facebook poll I rated the drummer one of my top 5 fave ♀ drummers of all time, and therefore one of my 5 gave drummers of all time.

  3. Great great mix. Even without Albert Ayler.