Friday, January 15, 2010

Mix #15- Furious Movement

Protest songs, of one sort or another. I think I am protesting life after a string of shitty days....
Anyway, you can download here.
As always, comments are appreciated.
1. Phil Ochs- I Ain't Marching Anymore
2. Violeta Parra- Qué vamos a hacer
3. Poison Girls- Crisis
4. Desperate Bicycles- Advice On Arrest
5. Zounds- This Land
6. The Astronauts- Protest Song
7. Comus- The Prisoner
8. Annie Anxiety- Hello Horrors
9. Colette Magny- Marche ou Crève
10. Art Ensemble of Chicago- Theme de Yo-Yo
11. Archie Shepp- Attica Blues
12. Funkadelic- Hit It & Quit It
13. Black Merda- That's the Way It Goes
14. Death- Politicians In My Eyes
15. Love- Seven & Seven Is
16. Bob Dylan- George Jackson

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  1. Love and Death. Back-to-back. Right where they belong.