Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mix #7- Some Epics

Ok I whipped this one up quick as it's a busy busy day- capped off w/ going to NYC tonight to hear my dear friend Katt Hernandez play w/ Joe Morris at the Stone! Katt has this story to share re: the recording of hers featured here-
"well its was recorded September 13th 2001. High Zero was one of the ONLY concerts or festivals in the whole world to decide to go right the fuck ahead and do their thing. someone other than either me or dave gross was supposed to play, but was stuck in an airport somewhere. the concert opened with a howling set of dry ice music, followed by [us]. it was pretty fucking intense- and i was very glad i was playing somewhere that wasn't cowering from the prevailing public opinion.
Mike and Dave and i drove down from Boston. we went through the middle of New York as scary, scary bush was giving his "Wanted dead or alive speech" live on the radio.
terrifyingly, every car in new york city- not Texas here, right?- had a fucking flag on it- and of course there were the two huge pillars of smoke which dwarfed the skyline by a factor of two, and it all smelled like burning plastic. the night before, i had spent the night on the floor of zeitgeist cause my car died and i couldn't make it all the way down to Baltimore. there were secret service men on EVERY corner in Cambridge.
marcu nechay this zeitgeist person- before i crashed out, he showed up, and somehow he found some leftover detritus from previous shows- a bunch of TVs with broken antennas, and a bunch of huge papier-mache Skulls. he sort of piled them all on top of each other and started stalking back and forth, while they bleated out bits of news through white noise and paper skull eyes. . . .
these very frightened looking men from the mosque came by and gave us little fliers saying they were peaceful and didn't want to hurt anyone. i went for apiece of pizza in central square- and the secret service were in the pizza shop, which was owned by men from a part of the world that could have been muslim. they were terrified too. the secret service guys, amazingly enough, were reassuring them that no one would attack their shop, and they sort of cowered in the corner.
so that's what was on my mind."

Download here.
1. C.A. Quintet- Trip Thru Hell (Part 1)
2. Shub-Niggurath- Incipit Tragaedia
3. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Poème non epique
4. György Ligeti- Lux Aeterna pt. 4
5. Katt Hernandez (w/ Helena Espvall, David Gross & Andrew Hayleck)- Pterodactyl Arias
6. Revolutionary Ensemble- Ponderous Planets
7. Rashied Ali & Leroy Jenkins- Swift Winds Are the Winds of Life

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  1. Had me fooled—I just kept looking for the Jan 7 date for Mix #7. Just my luck that fricken MediaFire is taken a 3-hour lunchbreak.