Monday, January 25, 2010

Mix #25- Weatherproof Grin

I don't really know what to make of this one myself, it's a funny one...
Download here.
1. Doris Duke- Feet Start Walking
2. Quasimoto- Come On Feet
3. Alain Goraguer- Ten et Tiwa
4. Jean-Claude Vannier- l'enfant la mouche et les allumettes
5. Pierre Henry- Psyche Rock
6. Vulcans- Dark Shadows
7. Big Youth- the Killer
8. Upsetters- Drum Rock
9. African Head Charge- Far Away Chant
10. Skoal Kodiak- Nerve Dice
11. Kontakt Mikrofoon Orkest- Do The Residue
12. Matthew Middleton- A Reprimand
13. Math- Gorilla
14. Inflatable Boy Clams- Skeletons
15. Pressler-Morgan- You're Gonna Watch Me
16. Carsickness- Falling
17. Impractical Cockpit- Furrowed Frow
18. What Cheer? Brigade- 13 Ghosts
19. Goat Of Arms- Leora
20. Blue Orchids- Dumb Magician
21. Can- I'm So Green
22. Caetano Veloso- Alfômega

1 comment:

  1. So far it's the one where I already knew the most songs—and people. Between Math, Goat of Arms, What Cheer? and the Impractical Cockpit that must be like half the musicians in the mix.

    Okay, I gotta pick up all the names I just dropped. I also hafta catch up on you last week's worth of mixes!