Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mix #26- Interruptions

This one gets spooky at times. Is it just me or are they getting stranger?
Get it here.
1. Graham Lambkin - Glinkamix
2. Brothers Quay- Finale - For a New Beginning
3. Nurse With Wound- Odd
4. L Voag- The Way Out
5. Renaldo & the Loaf- A Critical Dance
6. Faust- Do So
7. Metabolist- Alien On Sunday
8. 39 Clocks- Psycho Beat
9. Instant Automatons- Scared To Be Alone
10. Mudhutters- National Interest
11. V-Effect- Feet First
12. Minutemen- Paranoid Chant
13. Rondos- City Of Fear
14. Sonic Youth- Burning Spear
15. Children's Hospital- Unseen
16. His Name Is Alive- Can't Go Wrong Without You


  1. Erik, this wouldn't download. I reloaded the page several times and still no luck.

  2. link seems to be working again. mysterious...