Monday, January 11, 2010

REVIEW: Morgan's Top 5 So Far

This seemed worth sharing in-line as it were. Mix-a-Day's #1 fan, Morgan Fitzpatrick Andrews, shares his top 5 of the first 10 mixes. If anyone else wants to follow Morgan's shining example and share their favorites, please do so in the comments below.
You can check out Morgan's own Fun-a-day project, 31 Eyes, here.

1. January 3rd—Spirits: Like being at a seance with all your favorite people in the world. Shining stars include Sumatra's Haba Haba Group, Maine's Big Blood, 60's free rockers Exuma and the Third Ear Band, plus my favorite Raincoats song of all time. I cannot stop listening to this!

2. January 4th—Sick & Ridiculous: The title come from Charlie Mingus' fuck-the-man anthem that Erik uses as a ringtone and chose as the keystone for this mix. Great arc, building up from melancholy minimalism, through some pungent accordion playing and jazz rants, up to some agit-artpunk, and then settling down with Philly's own Jack Ohly bowing his upright bass like a herd of humpback whales. Very nice.

3. January 8th—Short Shorts: Though you'll never see Mr. Ruin wearing 'em, these 101-tracks in 71 minutes will give you more bang for your buck than a box of funsnaps. And if you don't like something, just blink and yer on to the next song. Gems include a sendup of Balkan women's harmonies and the Royal Shakespeare Company singing a round of the word "Copulation." What could be better?

4. January 6th—Dramatic Change: LP-length female-fronted mix, kicking off with a Shangri-Las classic, answered in French by Fran├žoise Hardy, and spiraling out to a surprisingly good Kate Bush stomper. The big highlight is Janka Djagileva's 9-minute emo-acoustic number that kicks into high gear with a fuzzed out meollotron jam. Way.

5. A tie between January 2nd and 5th—Tentative Pulse and Too Cold To Fly: Jan 2's title implies a beta mix made for our friend Beth Pulcinella (a.k.a. "The Pulse") that filled in a few new wave cracks for me. Jan 5's mix was Mr. Ruin's project to omit any punk stuff (though yer cuttin it close with Tom Cora mister) and has some great folk tunes and a buncha jazz that averts diving into annoyance. Cool.

I'll be weighing in again after the next 10.

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