Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bonus Mix- the Best of US

A special Xmas bonus for all of you Mix-a-day believers. Not an official Mix-a-day mix but i just uploaded a mix of recent US underground stuff as part of an exchange with Howie of the AMAZING Scottish ensemble Tattie Toes and i figured i might as well share it here. Entirely made up of music by friends and friends of friends. Luckily my friends make pretty great music. Some overlap with previous mixes and certainly some w/ mixes to come. No track list here- like i said, unofficial! Big thanks to Greg Harvester for the County Z & Red Herring tracks.
Download it here.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

THE Return of Mix-A-Day! Mix #32- Closing Night

SGNLS playing my closing reception/going-away party

While a hand injury is preventing me from making too much art right now, I decided to temporarily(?) revive this project after the encouragement of a few friends. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I abandoned this project to the desolate wastes of the internet. I can guarantee postings will be sporadic and unpredictable from here on out, so if you care to keep up on 'em, i suggest you "follow" me with the "Join this Site" button on the left. Or check back often.
This mix is based on the music i played between bands at my going-away party (for those who don't know, I moved from Philly to Providence this summer), which also doubled as the closing reception for the installation Staring at the Cracks. I asked a few friends to play- Sgnls, Color Is Luxury, & Geb the Great Cackler- and had a big spread of food & beverage and an epic print sale.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember I had a camera on me until the end of the night! Yes, it was held in a disused office complex which added an extra element of surreality to the evening.
Anyway, I included songs from each of the acts that played that night, along with edited versions of the smooth segues I played between them. A lot of psychedelia, as that seemed like the common thread that bound them all, plus there was a kickass sound-system set up for the install that really showed off kooky stereo effects nicely.
Get it here.

1. Larkin Grimm- Going Out
2. Geb the Great Cackler- Bes the musical Dwarf God
3. Brute Heart- Eclipse
4. Mother Of Fire- Deaths Apprentice
5. Emmanuelle Parrenin- Topaze
6. New Age Steppers- Private Army Dub
7. Color Is Luxury- "June Preview"
8. Kevin Ayers- The Confessions Of Doctor Dream - A. Irreversible Neural Damage
9. Dickens- Genocide
10. Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes- Le Petite Fille Aux Fraises
11. Inga Rumpf & I.D Company- Bum-Bum
12. Parson Sound- 10 Minuter
13. Amon Düül II- Henriette Krötenschwanz
14. SGNLS- Through the Looking Glass/Hold