Monday, January 11, 2010

Mix #11- Punk Night

As per request, for Reid, "a punk one".
FYI, I like requests.
When I was in Copenhagen, I saw Gorilla Angreb play an amazing high-energy rock&roll set at the Ungdomshutset squat (R.I.P.). There were some Portland punks headlining that night that everyone was all excited about, but honestly I can't even remember their name, I was so bowled over by G.A.
This Bags song contains the lines Reid & I's record label was named after.

Download here.

1. The Lines- White Night
2. The Digital Dinosaurs- Army Green
3. The Boys Next Door- Somebody's Watching Me
4. Subway Sect- Nobody's Scared
5. Radiators From Space- Blitzin' At the Ritz
6. Radio Birdman- Descent Into The Maelstrom
7. Gorilla Angreb- Timmen Er Kommet
8. Sado-Nation- Mom & Pop Democracy
9. Morte Subite- Ich Liebe Ulrike
10. Teenage Jesus & the Jerks- My Eyes
11. The Cravats- Off the Beach
12. The Doll- Trash
13. Rejects- Vision Smashed
14. The Tax Exiles- (I Don't Believe In) Miracles
15. Jack Ketch & The Crowmen- Mass Ignorance Culture
16. Catholic Discipline- Everyone Dies Laughing
17. The Flesheaters- Twisted Road
18. The Bags- Survive
19. Teddy & The Frat Girls- Clubnite
20. Asbest- Stinking
21. Rutto- Ei Paluuta
22. Tozibabe- Lutke
23. Contropotere- Zona Luce
24. Post-Regiment- Czarzly
25. Hans-A-Plast- Machtspiel / Eidexe kriech
26. Animals & Men- Don't Misbehave in the New Age
27. The Petticoats- Normal


  1. Hi Erik, I'm really loving it. I'm also a new (to me) music fanatic and you have some amazing stuff! A good mix makes everything sound right! By the by, are you into industrial? By this I mean the original genre which usually included actual metal banging, - not the 9 inch nails variety, more like Einsturzende or Missing Foundation. Thanks again for good grooves!

  2. Hans-a-Plast! And my favorite song by them even! You sure do get around, music-wise.