Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mix #6- Dramatic Change

Another shorter one. I think this has been influenced by all the feminist science fiction I've been reading.
Download here.
1. Shangri-Las- Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)
2. Francoise Hardy- Je n'attends plus personne
3. Androids of Mu- Bored Housewives
4. Lost Cherrees- F-Plan, G-Plan
5. Grass Widow- To Where
6. Electrelane- The Greater Times
7. Dadamah- Limbo Swing
8. Janka Djagileva- Pridet Voda
9. Faun Fables- Train
10. Ewa Demarczyk- Karuzela z Madonnami
11. Tenko- nightrope dancing
12. Kate Bush- Sat In Your Lap


  1. Wouldn't be so short if you included more much-needed 9-minute Janka Djagileva epics—WHOA!

  2. ...and thanks for giving me the first Kate Bush song I've ever actually liked—I mean in a non-ironic sort of way.

  3. yeah, Janka! sometimes also anglicized as Yanka- rules! siberian folk-punk!
    bec also made a shadow show of that Kate Bush song- you should try listening to Hounds Of Love or the Dreaming straight through- they're interesting albums with full dramatic arcs & bizarro arrangements...